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We imagine a world where conscious leadership is empowered in everyone everywhere, so that all have the opportunity and tools to exercise leadership in organizations, communities, and societies.


We convene to explore leadership challenges, develop conscious leaders, and create solutions that result in meaningful and equitable change in organizations, education, and society.


We advance meaningful and lasting outcomes to leadership challenges: Strengthening your leadership, Enhancing your network, Expanding your impact.

Our global programming is available to all.

Here are some of our most active programs:

Conscious Leadership Conversations

CLCs are held monthly via Zoom to provide a space for collective reflection and conversation for free. Every month an idea is presented for participants to discuss, react, and share.

Community Summit

The annual hybrid summit is the culmination of our programs and has taken place for 105 years. The event takes place in the summer with participants joining online and meeting in-person.

Leadership Labs

Our Leadership Labs develop leaders and solutions

by integrating learning by doing, designing thinking principles, and leadership development.

Addressing Challenges Through

Creative WE Thinking

Leadership Forum Community

2023 Summit

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Program Fund

These funds are used to support our current programming. This is an ongoing need to maintain our services month to month.

Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship program is essential to keep our programming accessible to all levels and types of leaders around the world.

Endowment Fund

As we build the principle of this fund, the interest will be used to sustain the organization for future generations.

With a 105 year old history and 5 years as a 5013c, a big contributor to our sustainability and growth is from our stakeholders and sponsors. Here is a snapshot of our sponsors, which continues to expand year over year.

Join us in being a sponsor.

Contact us at inbox@leadershipforumcommunity.com