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The Conscious Leadership Tree is an online knowledge base developed by the Leadership Forum Community with content, tools, activities, and resources for cultivating Conscious Leadership. We have gleaned knowledge from across the globe and the fields of leadership, change, and human development to create this repository that spans the realms of self, others, organizations, and society. The content recognizes the interconnectedness of individual growth, organizational success, and societal impact. The Conscious Leadership Tree is provided freely by the Leadership Forum Community to make useful resources more easily accessible to leaders, trainers, coaches, educators, and change agents striving to nurture more conscious, peaceful, and inclusive leadership for a better world.







About Conscious Leadership

Conscious leadership is a mindset and practice that involves being self-aware and considerate of others, understanding the interconnectedness of all aspects of reality, and taking responsibility for the impact of our decisions and actions on individuals, communities, and the environment. Conscious leaders value diverse, inclusive, and authentic expression, and they strive to foster a culture that cares about people and promotes learning and growth. They are mindful of their emotions and interpersonal interactions, seeking to understand themselves and learn from the world to effect positive change.

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