Leadership Forum Community

The Leadership Forum Community is the oldest leadership community in the United States, and our impact has now reached over 10 countries worldwide. 106 years later, we continue to bring people together to explore leadership challenges, develop conscious leaders, and create solutions that result in meaningful and equitable change in organizations, education, and society.

Our purpose is to expand Conscious Leadership


We imagine a world where conscious leadership is empowered in everyone everywhere, so that all have the opportunity and tools to exercise leadership in organizations, communities, and societies.


We convene to explore leadership challenges, develop conscious leaders, and create solutions that result in meaningful and equitable change in organizations, education, and society.


We advance meaningful and lasting outcomes to leadership challenges: Strengthening your leadership, Enhancing your network, Expanding your impact.

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Expanding Conscious Leadership

In essence, conscious leadership relates to three elements that intersect and ripple outward, creating greater waves of impact.

To be conscious is to be aware. Awareness is both internal and external. The world within us encompasses our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and motivations. While much of this is automatic and unconscious, this complex web of experiences, emotions, and beliefs drives our actions. Internal awareness is to hold a mirror to ourselves so we understand what and why we think and act the way we do. External awareness is about the world around us – extending from our interpersonal relationships and organizational interactions to actions in the wider world. In moving from unconscious reflex to conscious action, we open up the potential for choice and greater impact.

Consciousness calls us to be intentional about our behaviors and actions. This derives from a space of awareness of our values and the impact we might have through our actions. When our lives are guided by intention, we act from a place of purpose. Intention and capacity don’t count much unless they are activated. Action without intention is rudderless. What we are able to do also depends on ability as much as intention and opportunity. Awareness and intention are catalysts for developing our capacity to be more of who we wish to be and achieve more through our actions.

Our Leaders

Our leaders span various ages, geographies, backgrounds, experience, and diversity. Some have been active Leadership Forum Community stakeholders for 30+ years, and some have immersed themselves in the past couple of years, but all share in the belief that Leadership Matters.


If you’d like to connect with an LFC Leader or learn more about our organization, contact us at inbox@leadershipforumcommunity.org.

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Our Sponsors and Partners

The following organizations support the Leadership Forum Community through the donation of funds, goods, and services. We are grateful for their partnership in our mission to develop leadership in our world.

You can partner with us in expanding conscious leadership and sponsor our efforts by sending us an email at inbox@leadershipforumcommunity.org.